Sunday, January 27, 2008

wildest thing

Billybob talking to one of Torben's female friends:

Billybob: What's the wildest thing you've ever done?

Girl: I laid Torben...


Tam said...

Wittiest line on the blog is the only one not said by either Aleks or Torben.

That must burn a little guys, being upstaged by the missus.

Marshall Yard said...

Love it! Great fun here..brings me back to the days.. I got a comment from a hoohka blog the other day on my site, deleted it..

Best stoner line from my past..

Coming out of the grocery store, carrying 3 full bags of munchies..

Can you open the car door for me?

No..I got these sacks!

Tam said...

My favourite is when opening a kinder egg. (If you don't get them where you come from, it's chocolate with a mystery plastic toy in the middle.

"I hope it isn't a helicopter, because they never work."

Ethan Christ said...

How's this for a "stoner line"

Ethan and Billy sitting on the floor, with guitars in hand.

Ethan - "Isn't it crazy how people can adapt to different situations if needed?"

Billy - "Yeah dude, adaption is great, I mean, people taking in kids that don't have parents."

Ethan " Adaption? Wtf does that mean?"

Billy "Fuck if I know... You said it..."

Stoner Lines said...

Tam - in our attempt to be witty, we forgot women are so much better at it. Maybe we should have just dropped the whole idea to begin with and hired some women writers instead.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I like your stoner lines too, esp the one about Adaptation Adaption.

- Sober Aleks

Transplante de Cabelo said...
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